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Necrosis Candles have an unquenchable first for knowledge. Weather through torture, sacrifice, interrogation or execution all knowledge gained is power. Not many living join the Necrosis Candles, those that do soon find themselves on the enrichment end of ceremony. Many a night is spent gaining knowledge through torture of those who find themselves within the Necrosis Candles grasp, though many members belong to the Church of Afflux, most members belong to a host of other organisations simultaneously, giving them access to more subjects with which to gain knowledge from.


Known Members:


Affiliation points score:
  • Ability to use necromancy magic: +1
  • Ability to use knowledge/divining magic: +1
  • Ability to create undead with magic: +2
  • Ability to create undead un/naturally: +2
  • Three Knowledge skills at 5 ranks: +1
  • Three Knowledge skills at 10 ranks: +1
  • Six knowledge skills at 5 ranks: +1
  • Six knowledge skills at 10 ranks: +2
  • Learn something through torture, interrogation or execution: +1
  • Bring knowledge to group that helps the members: +1
  • Bring knowledge to group that was unknown to any member: +2
  • Failure to learn anything new for a month: -1 per month
  • Reveal secrets to non-members: -2
  • Failure to bring knowledge to group for a year: -2
  • Failure to bring critical knowledge to the group: -4
  • Lose an ability listed here, that previously you gained: -4
  • Deliberately raise someone from death to life: -4


Benefits of affiliation score:

  • 3 or lower - Aid: Allowed to watch group activities.
  • 4-10 - Helper: Allowed to use the Helper/Acolyte library of knowledge. Allowed to participate in group activities. Gain Communicator feat.
  • 11-20 - Acolyte: Allowed to use the sacred rooms of Crucimigration while creating your own undead. Gain Insightful feat.
  • 21-29 - Cleric: Allowed to use the Cleric/Deacon library of knowledge. Can perform Crucimigration on others. Gain Night Haunt feat.
  • 30 or higher - Deacon: Can perform Crucimigration on self. Knowledge gained by others in group is all at your disposal. Gain Necropolis Born feat.
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